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The Boy and the Red Balloon


Kaveh N. Adel
Author and Illustrator

As a child, I always felt that our contact with our surroundings whether it involves our family, friends, strangers and nature,  inanimate objects or just plain circumstances, were all experiences to be nurtured.
As an adult, as a parent of two--I can emphasize that even more!  

Every experience becomes a memory that is etched in the mind and all the emotions are attached to these memories. The good, the bad, and the extraordinary!  

But one thing remains, without those experiences the child’s imagination starves and more often than not it stagnates...... I know that children are capable of so much more.  They are not just “sponges.” 
They are, each and every one of them, geniuses in their own way.  All they need is to unlock, to allow their imagination to fly.  

Like a Balloon 

And, when needed, to return to reality with an enriched sense because seeing their world from an enriched point of view is a lot more fun and,  yes, definitely more fulfilling!

    I was born in the Middle East, in the country known as Persia (Iran) in 1973, living through many highs and some lows.  A revolution (1979), parents divorce (1980), a war (1980-1988), an immigration to a different land to have a new beginning (1987) are to name a few.  Many others have traveled through similar peaks and valleys and my experiences are certainly not be as captivating as theirs. But, each and every one is unique and must be shared.  Most important of all, such stories are universal which bind and connect us in a most unique, human way. 

    I took refuge in reading written works by Ferdowsi, Jules Verne, Shakespeare, Jack London, Mark Twain to name a few.  My mother(a playwright) gladly fed that frenzy.  I also began to draw to cope with those life-changing experiences. Art became the fuel to an imagination. The graphic novels by Herge (Tin Tin Adventures) as well as classic paintings and drawings by Picasso, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Kamal-ol-molk inspired my dormant mind.

 After immigrating to the United States via France and Italy, I began my studies in the state of Iowa. I attended High school, undergraduate and graduate school (college of Dentistry) at the University of Iowa and currently practice In the suburbs of Chicago. The opportunities in my path would not have materialized unless action was taken and proper support was in place.  And for that I am indebted to the support of my mother, aunt & uncle in the U.S. as well as my family abroad.

 My aim with these series of books is to simply shed light on the power of our humanity.  Nothing is more gratifying to see a child engaged by feeling the emotions that are universal and to hear his or her laughter--to ask a question and maybe even feel a little sadness but to ultimately be uplifted.  Our children are so capable of reading our emotions, more than we give them credit for! 
    The story of the Boy and Red Balloon has many layers that deal with emotions, simple understanding of surroundings and dealing with defeats and triumphs but......
never giving up.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this book and I will be working on many more to come! 

Find it in your heart to BELIEVE..... in your children’s abilities to be geniuses in their own way. 


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